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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our take on Kulich; YUM!

I'm an eighth Russian, that speaks no Russian, but loves Kulich; well at least how my grandma makes it. I've recently learnt, thanks to Google, that this Russian sweet bread that I've been brought up on is called 'Kulich'. However after searching for recipes online, it sunk into me that there's just so many recipes out there, 'which one is actually the real deal'?

Excuse my bias-ness (if that is even a word), but I've gotta say I love my grandmother's sweetbread, though she's not really into giving away recipes just as yet. I've tried many times, and she'd literally list the ingredients and give no more, nothing, whatsoever. But thank God, I have my mother, a lady that has watched my grandma make this over and over again, yet she still does not know the secret behind good kulich. 

You'd be glad to hear that as of recent there has been a breakthrough. I think we've discovered the secret behind good, soft, buttery, god send bread. It's devilish, but my goodness, I can't stop eating bread. Those who know me really well, I'm not a carb fanatic, but this can get me eating lots and lots. I was over at my grandma's place and as all grandparent's do, they rummage through their cupboards and fridges looking for food to fuel us up (even if we've just come from dinner). That day my grandma had been baking 'nang' which is a Northern Chinese staple, kinda like a naan, and to my surprise she willingly disclose that it was thickened cream that she used in most of her baking. Who would have guessed? Thickened cream? All this time.... 

And yes, my mother did pick up on this soon after baking her most recent batch of sweet bread. The results were divine, mouth watering....(I'm getting hungry now...)

I'm sad to say that I have not recorded the recipe my mother used the other day. She tends to cook by eye and feel, so it makes it more difficult to record anything done. Another thing is, we cook in bulk, so I will need to down size her recipe for the sake of my faithful readers. I will, in due time, have a post up for this heavenly sweet bread, so that all you, scattered across the world can get a taste of what I call fine bread. 

In the meantime, I will be posting pictures to get you all excited. Take care readers! 

Please excuse my photo taking skills- I've just print screen what I've posted on my instagram. 

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