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Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's not just any boeuf borguignon, but Julia Child's boeuf borguignon.

Perhaps I'm getting a little ambitious with mastering the art of french cooking. I thought it would be wise to promote throughout the household that I will be making boeuf bourguignon for dad's and my brother's birthday, only to discover that this task is no easy feet.

I had purchased a copy for the famous cook book and finally found the perfect occasion to make use of it. Why french cuisine? Well, the truth is the movie 'Julie and Julia' inspired me that 'anybody can cook' (insert from Ratatoullie). But there's always that misjudgment that it's gonna be easy, at least that's what the movie got me to think. The recipe says otherwise. As I've mentioned previously, I learn by looking and observing how people do things and then somehow manage to remember the whole recipe just like that. Weird, I think, but very helpful.

So thank you to Youtube, I manage to find the real sensation cooking up a feast in her kitchen. You'd be surprised to know that Julia, in fact, cooked this recipe on the episode of 'The French Chef', her very own television show. I begun to understand after watching her go about in the kitchen, how she really does become the 'big, tall fairy' in your kitchen, that 'imaginary friend'.

The stew was marvelous. Splendid. Full of goodness. I never realised how easy it was to cook with those stone oven pots, the ones that you can have sitting in the oven to have the meat slowly braise. You don't even need to worry about the meat catching, only to check on the meat every now so often to see whether it is slowly simmering, or even simmering at all.

My dad made the comment after taking a his first bite that it reminded him of his school days in Vietnam. He was schooled at a Catholic boarding school, and as the priest had the access to french food, it meant the boys at school also got a taste of what french food was. Dad said the stew stirred up memories. You can just imagine how happy I was when I heard him say that. Ecstatic.

For the sides, there was roasted potatoes that were first sauteed off in a fry pan before being fully cooked in the oven, sauteed carrots, green salad, and bread with onion relish (compliments of my sister). Having served this feast on a 30 odd degree day, meant beer was also provided. A family favourite, Crown Larger.

In short, for those of you who haven't already seen the movie 'Julie and Julia' I highly recommend it. The cook book is just as fabulous, so if you can land yourself a copy, I can guarantee you'd be just as pleased with it.

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