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Monday, February 8, 2010

Russian Bread

I'm unsure whether this is the authentic way of making Russian Bread, but it is something that has been passed down from my mother, who had learnt it from hers. If I was to never mention it, I don't think anyone would have realised I was an eighth Russian. There's just no resemblance.

Having to live through consecutive days of hot weather, it is no better time than to make bread. With Chinese New Year around the corner, what best than to perfect my skills in bread making. Just last year did I post a recipe titled 'Traditional Russian Bread', however, for those who have tried it, may have realised that the measurements were not precise. This goes to having a bad memory and forgetting to take notes during the process.

Just today I tried incorporating two recipes together, hoping that it would solve my issues with this particular bread. And now, I would like to, very humbly of course, claim my success! I shall try over the next few days the same recipe again, just to prove that it was no fluke. We would definitely be having substantial amounts of bread around the house. I hope my dears are alright with it.

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