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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ninjago and Power Rangers- All for a kid's party

I'm happy to announce that I have a very special birthday party coming up and have been asked to bake the birthday cake as well as prepare the goodies bag. I have also been informed that the two kids (who are brothers) loves Ninjago and his younger brother, Power Ranges.

I must say, I'm totally out with what kids are into these days. The last I remembered it was Pokemon, Captain Planet, Power Ranges (but the really early version) etc. Clearly, there is a generation gap.

For the last couple of days, I've been doing some research, only to find that there's this growing trend in fondant cakes. What ever happened to the good old buttercream. fresh cream cakes? Goes to show that I'm a true 90's baby.

For the first time I will be working very closely with fondant and chocolate ganache. I will also need to sieve out a good chocolate cake recipe. Suggestions for good chocolate cake? Hmmm... it will need to be moist, yet not to crumbly and needs to taste of chocolate. Ugh! More testing to come. And maybe, just maybe, a recipe to share.

Yes, the cake will be kept simple so I have more time to work on the edible decorations. It will need to be a two tiered cake; one set per cake (I may be making two, one for the ninjago and the other for the power ranger. The top tier will form the 'head' of the lego figurine and the bottom tier will act more as a platform to sit the top tier, to give it some height. As for the size of the cake, I was thinking more of a 20cm diameter for the bottom tier and a 10cm diameter for the top tier. The measurements are subject to change of course. It will all depend on whether we will have cupcakes to pair up with the cake.

A shout out to Pink Cake Princess and her awesome Youtube channel. Great source of inspiration and I would highly recommend you all to head over to her space and check it out. I will be giving her chocolate ganache recipe a try and see how it sets. I love her idea with the lego pieces which she used to top her cupcakes. This is practical in a sense that you don't want kids to be fighting over cupcakes because one has a power ranger/lego man and the other has only a piece of lego.

I'm still working on the design of the power ranger cake. There's not a lot of ideas going around, hence some more research it is. If you ask me where do I begin when it comes to designing cakes, it's Google. I just type in what I want to research and see what comes out. Then I pick, edit and create my idea. Not a bad place to start might I say.

Once I get my basic plan design up, I shall post it here so you guys (if you're out there) to have a basic idea of where I'm going with this cake.

Well, enough for now. More researching and designing.

Oh and also, my oven is still dead. I've been lucky to have an awesome partner and his family that has kindly said 'Use our kitchen'. But yes, we have plans to renovate my current kitchen at home. Construction/ renovations commence end of November and is scheduled to finish before Christmas. Did I mention that I also had another gig to bake for before Christmas? Yes, and it is very exciting too. But I shall share more about it in a later blog post. I will be talking about dessert tables and Christmas themed ideas.

But for now, Happy Baking! Comments are welcomed below. I shall look forward to responding to them.

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