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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When stuck between two worlds, one must keep calm and bake

Hello? It's always nice to greet any person that crosses paths, even though they may not have been looking at that moment and time. So hello to all those who have kept there attention on this blog and have read it out of genuine interest.

I don't think I've shared what I do for a living and thought why not just share about it today, now and here. I'm a lawyer by day, foodie by night. Yes, a lawyer. Dry and tedious, yes, but how is one to fuel it's addiction but for a job that pays relatively well. I've only just started practicing this year and am already looking forward to the day I say 'Adios Amigos', clear my desk and head into a cafe/bakery to really start living. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job, I just don't think it's what I meant to be doing. Who does, honestly? 

What comforts me is that a bad day, or a horrible week can be amended by quality time spent mixing together sour cream, sugar, eggs, flour, oil etc etc which then get baked and turned into wonderful, delicious muffins. It's like salute to a bad week, here's a bunch of calorie filled muffins to make up for it. And I am all in for it. You know what, I never realised just how long I can spend walking up the aisles in the supermarket. It's so therapeutic, much better than clothes shopping. So I choose nowadays to go grocery shopping for the family. It keeps me sane from all the other things happening around me.

Please do excuse me with all that I've written here. My thoughts can be shattered in all places. 

Muffins is what I really what to be talking about here. We had lemons gifted a couple days ago from an aunty at church. She grows them in her backyard and had a couple to spare. I craved muffins and had all the ingredients in my pantry. But, this thought came to me about spicing up my old recipe with some lemon rind. You know when you have muffins and there's that really strong flour/ eggy taste. I'm not a huge fan of it. Hence, lemon rind (my newest discovery) get rid of it all and for all. It's natural oils also enhances the taste of the muffins. Guilty as I am, I had two when they cam straight out of the oven. A guilty pleasure indeed. 

Photos are posted for your viewing and review. 

I'm thinking about incorporating chocolate and orange rind in my next batch- of course, when I get time to head back into the kitchen. Any suggestions for other combinations? 

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