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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Humble Foodies- Gelato

I've been thinking what to blog on for quite some time (you know, apart form my fabulous recipes). And that is the 'Humble Foodies' series. We've all been to stores or have seen on television the people with small dreams who have then blossomed it into something greater. So I thought, why not share about those in our neighbourhood (okay, so maybe a little further out than just my neighbourhood). I mean come on, these people need our support right? What better than to share about them through the internet. 

So the topic today is Gelato. I remember having this conversation with a good friend of mine. We were having a serious conversation on which store served the best tasting gelato. I of course preferred the store I'd away go to in the city. And there goes my colleague, on and on about this new place he'd discovered. Clearly I was not convinced, I mean I love my gelato and here's my colleague saying I've got everything wrong. 

I didn't think about visiting this place until months later. It was after dinner with a couple of friends and we craved for something a little sweet. Don't ask me how, but I was like 'I heard there's this place on Lygon that's serving great gelato. Wanna try it out?'. And yes, you guessed it, we did. 

Humbled humbled humbled by this experience. More humbled after hearing how this place began. The owner of this store went travelling in Argentina and fell in love with the gelato there. She then friend the owners and after time learnt how to make their gelato. Yes, she was given the recipe. Then after, she returned to Melbourne and opened up her own store; naming the store after the one in Argentina 'Helados Jauja'. The owner went from lawyer of a top tier firm in Melbourne to owner of a humble gelato store. 

With the variety of flavours on offer, I have painstakingly selected two to be my current favourite: (1) Durian; and (2) Apple Crumble. With gelato is made from real fruit and flavours, this ain't any ordinary store. When I tasted the Durian it was just like eating the fruit itself. The same with Apple Crumble; only that it was just a cold version of the decedent dessert. We spoke to the staff members who served us with smiles and were helpful with our choices. Free sample can be requested if you're not sure which flavours to select. 

With quality indulgent gelato, there is a price to be paid. 

What did I take from this experience? Well, big trees from small acorns grow. With one store currently opened in Melbourne, I do suggest a trip to this place the next time you're on Lygon. Give this place a taste and be the judge yourself. 

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