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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Oven Died

I know I made a promise that new recipes would be posted after the weekend, but things got a little complicated over the weekend.

In short, my oven died. After 25 years of service, with no annual leave or sick leaves on record, my fan- forced oven has officially resigned. Over the last week we had horrible weather in Melbourne. You'd think the beginning of Spring meant singing bird, sunshine and tan. No, it was the total opposite. We had hail, rain and typhoon like wind. It was crazy. Then there was a power stop which was what cause (I'm assuming of course) a fuse to blow, and since my oven never turned on ever again; ever.

To stay true to my readers (if there is anyone out there... note the use of a plural as I am hopeful I have at least more than one reader) I tried an alternate method of steaming a cake, which I'll never try again. Don't take me wrong, the cake was moist, but very oily.

It was going to be an exciting weekend for me. Not only was it my sister's big two four, I had lots of guest over that would have been spoilt with sugary goodness.

In the end, we purchased a Chestnut cake, enough to feed 20 odd people, and two swiss roll cake (or you may know it as roulade); might I also mention that it came down to a whopping $96.00, minus the surprise factor my sister would have gotten, minus the love I would have put into her cake, and minus all the mess I would have caused in the kitchen, and minus the emotional distress I would have encountered when the mousse filling split, or when the whipping cream turned into butter.

It's a disaster that my oven has died.

On a brighter note, I found a new friend in the household 'the convection oven'.

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