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Monday, June 18, 2012

It's about time I really start blogging

So I have been taking the easy way out with blogging. Bake, take a photo and then post it. Done. End of story.  A good one too, until I realised I wasn't getting my voice out there. And honestly, it's really about time that I did.

This is all quite new to me. It's not like I hadn't tried before. Like when I started blogging, the whole purpose was to bake and talk about the whole process and whether I had any tips for those who also wanted to attempt my recipes. But like all things, where there is no response you feel like you're talking to yourself, and when time went on, posting pictures seemed to be more preferable.

Anyways, I thought I probably start writing again, not only to get my writing skills back on track (you may have realised just how terrible I am at writing), but also to interact with those who do regularly visit this blog (a shout to all you that do).

So where do I start. Hmmm....

Alright, I've recently thought about starting a little venture, one that involves food of course. Having tried to convince and persuade those around me that I really do love baking and it is an genuine passion, I'm thinking of starting a stall at the markets sometime soon (fingers crossed). So I have been told that my food tastes great, but what would strangers have to say about, say, my cookies, cakes, or tartlettes?

But geez.... the planning is tough work. It's about quantity, quality, packaging which cry nothing but $$$$ to start off something so innocently disguised as 'passion'. Then again, high risk, high return (I have been taught well). So then I'm thinking, 'what should I sell?'.  Cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cakes? What do people really want to see at the markets in the morning?

I know that when I'm at the market, particularly in the morning, a jam donut would be nice. But then too kick start a morning with a calorie packed sweet treat probably won't go well in the health books.

So what would you prefer to see sold at the markets in the mornings, if it were something sweet? What would you like to have if you were on an empty stomach?

Living a Nigella Lawson moment, I think I'd go with a Chocolate Muffin, with an Earl Grey Tea. Yes, I know, not the best of choices for breakfast, but at least I'll be one happy camper after it all.


  1. Hi Beatrice!
    setting up your own stall is a great idea! You'll be surprised with the amount of people with a 'sweet-tooth'. If you wanna play safe, try earl-gray cupcakes perhaps? or those delicious fruity muffins.
    OR my personal favourite: devonshire tea? I help serve them twice a year at a fundraising event.
    i'm sure once you start somewhere, you can go to bigger places!
    with packaging you can easily get those cupcake boxes at a party shop (may want to do research tho)

    Good luck!

  2. Hey Lesley,

    Thanks for the tip! I'll take note of it!