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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coconut Cookies

Steering away from a tight busy schedule, I found myself in the kitchen experimenting with my precious treasures. The skies were dull, yearning for excitement and life. Maybe these soft centred, coconut cookies shall do the trick.


  1. omg
    looks really good bea keep it up! I want to try make coconut rice :) any tips?

  2. thanks hun~ i'll definately keep up with the cooking, despite the busy weeks i have ahead of me.

    coconut rice sound interesting, but i've never attempted making it. then again, were you after thai, indian, malaysian or viet style coconut rice?

  3. i dont know, I tried thai coconut rice and it was super nice, but not picky. I've already bought the coconut milk, think I still need that leaf thing :S