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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

It's that time of the year again. Forget about dieting, it's time to let those waistline blow! All those delicious, homemade dishes, sweet soups and snanks, nonetheless 'Nian Gao' or 'Nien Gou', how could one resist such temptation. (Food is definately one of my many weaknesses)

Some of the dishes we ate at my Grandparent's place. Clockwise, the first is a Shittake Mushroom Dish with Sliced Beef, and the second is a Traditional Marinated Pork Leg.
We had some dumplings ( the filling consisted of minced lamb, ginger and chinese chives. Yum ^~^) and my favourite Crispy Chilli Prawns.

This year I made the desserts. This is one of the two: there was (moving clockwise) peanut biscuits, walnut biscuits and also Anzac biscuits (Australia Day, 26th Jan, shared the same day as Chinese New Year, hence it was within an Aussie spirit to make some Aussie Biscuits)

Here's a close up: For starters, we have the Anzac biscuits, then the Peanut Biscuits and lastly the Walnut Biscuits.
Chinese New Year conjures up all kinds of emotions. For the younger generation, it's about excitement and joy, especially when it comes to the all time favourite "Red Pockets" or in Chinese 'Hung Baow' or 'Hong Bao'. For the middle-aged, it's a time of reflection. Looking back at the previous year and learning from past experiences the ways in approaching new challenges in the new year. For the seniors, it's about 'Tuan Yuan Fan' or 'Tuin Nin Farn' where sons and daughters return home for a feast, to celebrate peace, health and properity in the upcoming year.
I want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. Have a blessed time and may everyone, in the new year, ‘身体健康,笑口常开,步步高升,万事如意’.

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